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Waiting List

In order for your name to be placed on our waiting list, you must first:  

1. Fill out our Puppy Application (found here). 

2. Place your Deposit 

For any questions please contact Stan or Karen at 806-632-2892 or email us at:

Families who have submitted their deposit 

will have the first option on our next available puppies

*We Reserve The  Right To Pick Of The Litter, On Any Litter, At Any Time*

Family 1: Isaac Overbee - Female
Family 2: Jana Lesser - Male 
Family 3: Lindley Smith - No Preference 
Family 4: Ava Wallace - Female 
Family 5: Benjamin Gerhart - Male 
Family 6: Stephanie Asmus - Female
Family 7: Bryn Jarvis - Male 
Family 8: Jennifer Hernandez - Male
Family 9: Matthew Marino - Male
Family 10: Tara Bonilla - Male 
Family 11: Jessica Vasyakin - Female
Family 12: Curtis Wells - Male


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